We have an immense experience in clinical trials having accomplished around 300 clinical trials since inception, wherein more than 5000 subjects have participated. These studies span a variety of therapeutic areas, including oncology, hemato-oncology, endocrine diseases, rheumatology, pediatrics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, respiratory diseases, dermatology, general medicine and medical devices. 

  • Therapeutic Area Expertise:

    Sr. No. Therapeutic Indication Investigator Name Qualification Experience (years)
    I Oncology Dr. Mangesh Mekha MD ( Internal Medicine)
    DM( Medical Oncology)
    Dr. Amit Bhatt MD ( Internal Medicine) DNB
    (General Medicine) ECMO (European
    Certification in Medical Oncology)
    II Hemat-oncology Dr. Vijay Ramanan DM(Clinical Hematology)
    DNB(General Medicine)
    Dr.Subramanian Kannan DM(Clinical Hematology)
    DNB(General Medicine)
    III Endocrinology Dr. Mohan Magdum DM (General Medicine)
    MD (Geriatric Medicine)
    Dr. Shreerang Godbole DNB (Endocrinology)
    MD (Internal Medicine)
    IV Pediatric Endocrinology Dr. Vaman Khadilkar MD (Pediatrics) 20
    Dr. Anuradha Khadilkar MD (Pediatrics) 19
    V Nutrition/ Nutraceuticals Dr.Anuradha Khadilkar MD (Pediatrics) 19
    Dr. Almas Pathan MBBS
    VI Psychiatry Dr.Sanjay Phadke MD (Neuropsychiatry) 28
    VII Dermatology Dr.Pradyumna Vaidya DNB (Dermatology) 15
    Dr.Sunil Tolat MD (Dermatology) 22
    VIII Rheumatology Dr. Nachiket Kulkarni DNB (Medicine) Fellowship in
    Clinical Rheumatology
    IX Orthopedics Dr.Nilesh Kamat DNB (Orthopedic) 15
    Dr. Rahul Damale MS (Orthopedic) 19
    Dr.Yogesh Jain DNB (Orthopedic) 21
    X Pulmonology/Chest Medicine Dr. Ajit Kulkarni DNB (Respiratory Medicine) 8
    Dr.Mahendra Kawedia DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
    MD (TB & Chest Medicine)
    Dr. Rajesh Chavan MS (ENT) 26
    XI PInfectious Diseases Dr. Piyush Chaudhari DNB (Internal Medicine) 8
    XII Vaccines Dr. Vikram Padbidri M.D. (Microbiology) 9
    XIII Pediatrics  Dr. Sanjay Bafna MD (Pediatrics) 26
    Dr. Bela Gandhi MD (Pediatrics) 18
    Dr. Bela Gandhi DNB (Pediatrics) 16
    XIV Hematology Dr. Vibha Bafna MD (Pediatrics) 23
    XV Gastroenterology Dr Parimal  Lawate DM (Gastroenterology) MD (Internal Medicine) 23
    Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe MS (Gastroenterology) 28
    XVI Cardiology Dr. Ajit Mehta DNB (Cardiology)
    MD (Internal Medicine)
    XVII Neurology Dr. Nasli Ichaporia MD(Medicine)
    DM (Neurology)
    Dr. Sandeep Borse MD(Medicine)
    DM (Neurology)
    Dr. Nilesh Bhandari DNB (Neurology)
    DNB (Medicine)
    M.D (Medicine)
    XVIII Opthalmology Dr. Prasad Walimbe MS (Ophthalmology)
    DNB (Ophthalmology)
    Dr.Tejaswini Walimbe DNB (Ophthalmology) 23
    XIX Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. Jyoti Unni DGO,MRCOG, FRCOG 40
    Dr. Anita Bapat MD (Obs&Gyn) 23
    Dr. Vandana Khanijo MS (Obs&Gyn) 23
    Dr. Nina Mansukhani DGO, DNB, MRCOG 20
    XX General Medicine Dr. Ashish Goyal MD (Chest Physician) 15
    Dr. Kiranjit Singh M.D. (Internal Medicine) 25
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