About Service

The JCDC Investigator Initiated Research program (IIR) serves as a conduit between researchers and their dream research to get valuable ideas of the ground. We provide support for research that advances medical and scientific knowledge and generates promising medical interventions. This program is open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research.

JCDC IIR Overview

  • Provides support for researchers to conduct investigator’s original research that is of interest to the medical fraternity.
  • Addresses an important need of researchers by approaching funding agencies to finance good research projects.
  • Support the researchers to conduct the clinical trial, gather and analyze data for publication.

JCDC IIR Scientific Review Committee

  • Receives and reviews study proposals generated by investigators.
  • Approves partnerships that would be mutually beneficial for patients, researchers and JCDC.

Activities done by JCDC

  • Designing protocol and other documentation necessary to record research data
  • Obtaining funding for research costs (i.e. non-standard of care procedures)
  • Securing facilities, services, equipment
  • Ethics Committee (EC) / IRB submissions and approvals
  • Involving additional investigators
  • Assigning staff to conduct the study for following:
    • Preparing IRB documents
    • Subject Recruitment
    • Drug Management (i.e. storage, dispensing, inventory, disposal)
    • Consenting subjects
    • Completion of Case Report Forms
    • Preparing Adverse Event Reports
    • Data collection
    • Reporting Non-compliance
  • Obtaining the necessary patents or licenses to conduct research

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